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Business Litigation in Rochester, NY

Our litigation department headed by Gene Welch can protect your interests if you get sued or have to sue another business.  We can help you navigate the shoals of a Government audit or investigation.

Gene Welch has been litigating since 1971 in both Federal and State Courts. His vast experience includes 8 years as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, or Federal Prosecutor.  He ran the New York State Attorney General’s Rochester office for 15 years, enforcing consumer laws, labor laws, and tax laws.  Since 1995, with our private law firm, he has helped businesses with their litigation needs. Every business – no matter how well run – can sometimes get sued or have to sue some other business.


Breach of contract;


business dissolutions with mandatory accountings;

enforcement of non-compete agreements;

employment contracts;

and sexual harassment litigation

are all matters that Gene Welch and our litigation team can handle for your business.  Their years of experience facilitate the quickest and least expensive resolution of your lawsuit.

Give us a call to see if we can help you resolve your business’s litigation.

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